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Hands Free Shopping!

hands free 26/12 - 31/08

Love shopping? Hate carrying the bags?  

Now with the Union Square PLUS app you can leave your shopping bags with our Customer Service Team for FREE and carry on your shopping spree. 

So, how does it work?
* Register and sign in with PLUS
* Visit The Customer Service Desk with your shopping bags
* Click on Redeem (above) and simply scan the QR code at the Customer Service Desk
* Agree to the T&Cs, provide us with some details and you will be given a receipt to take with you, and the items will then be placed in a secure container...simple!

You will be given a tag to take away with you and collect at least 15 minutes before the Customer Service Desk closes (that's 8pm Monday - Saturday and 6pm on Sundays) 

The icing on the cake?  This service is totally free of charge.

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